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The Executive's Guide to Web Site Measurement & Testing... A Roadmap for Maximizing Profitability. By Phil Kemelor

Book Cover of The Executive's Guide

The Executive's Guide to Web Site Measurement and Testing features:

  • 182 pages and 15 chapters
  • 8 ½ x 11 workbook-style format
  • More than 30 diagrams, charts, tables and checklists
  • Expanded table of contents
  • Glossary with more than 60 terms
  • Available in hard copy and PDF
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    Web Analytics Association Member

    Starting out in Web Analytics? Need a "beginners guide"? Or, maybe you're working with folks who need an intro to the basics of Web Analytics and testing?

    You'll find all you need to get up to speed in The Executive’s Guide to Web Site Measurement and Testing.

    Phil Kemelor, a Fortune 500 consultant, explains in clear, plain language what you need to know to start a Web Analytics and testing program, and how you can use what you learn to improve site design, maximize Web site Return on Investment (ROI), and make your site a place your site visitors will want to use over and over again.

    View the Table of Contents and Chapter 1.

    "...every online marketing manager needs this on his or her shelf within arm's reach."

    Jim Sterne,
    Web Analytics Association & Founder, eMetrics Summit

    "The Guide is clear and concise....Provides the blueprint for making Web analytics happen."

    Joe Richard,
    Analytics Manager
    Fortune 20 Telecom Company

    A "plain English" guide that answers your questions and explains:
    • How to purchase cost-wise Web Analytics services,
    • How to conduct usability testing, interviews, surveys and focus groups that can save you thousands of dollars in design costs,
    • How to make email, ad and search engine marketing campaigns more profitable,
    • How to focusing only on site data that's right for your business,
    • Who to select and hire to perform Web site measurement and testing,
    • and much, much more...

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