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The Executive's Guide to Web Site Measurement & Testing... A Roadmap for Maximizing Profitability. By Phil Kemelor

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The Executive's Guide to Web Site Measurement and Testing features:

  • 182 pages and 15 chapters
  • 8 x 11 workbook-style format
  • More than 30 diagrams, charts, tables and checklists
  • Expanded table of contents
  • Glossary with more than 60 terms
  • Available in hard copy and PDF
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    Table of Contents


    PART I — Ask the Right Questions, Plan the Right Solution
    Chapters 1-6 describe why you need site measurement to boost Web site profitability. We also define site measurement objectives and show you how to plan a successful program.

    Chapter 1: Money Makes the Web Go Round
    Why you need to tie Web site effectiveness to financial goals.

    Chapter 2: Increasing Web Site Profitability-Measure by Measure
    What types of measurements and metrics you'll need to increase Web site profitability.

    Chapter 3: What Do You Measure?
    What elements on the site need to be measured.

    Chapter 4: How Do You Measure?
    What tools you'll need to put a successful site measurement and testing program together.

    Chapter 5: Who is Going to Do this Work?
    How to plan staffing and resources for site measurement and testing.

    Chapter 6: Fitting the Pieces Together
    How to make site measurement and testing a standard part of your Web site development process.

    PART II — How to Find the Right Answers
    Chapters 7-10 focus on conducting site analysis, developing metrics, and analyzing data so that you can make the site design, marketing, and business decisions that will increase Web site profitability and effectiveness.

    Chapter 7: The Web Site Tune-up
    How to prepare the site for accurate measurement and analysis.

    Chapter 8: The Magnificent 7x2 — Essential Site Measurement Reports
    How to interpret and use basic measurement reports to improve the site.

    Chapter 9: Go Figure — How to Calculate the Five Essential Metrics
    Step-by-step process for calculating the critical metrics for site tactics and strategy.

    Chapter 10: Start Making Sense
    How to apply site metrics results to site strategy and marketing.

    PART III — How to Select Site Measurement Tools and Services
    Part I described what it takes to plan a site measurement and testing program. Part II focused on site measurement data collection, reporting and analysis. Now that you understsand what it takes to implement site measurement and testing, you should have a good idea of your basic requirements for purchasing the most appropriate site measurement option for your organization.

    Chapter 11: Buying Tips
    A review of the basic requirements to consider when embarking on the purchasing process.

    Chapter 12: Web Server Data and Page Tags — An Expanded Definition
    An in-depth look at how these methods work and specifics about the data they collect.

    Chapter 13: Comparing Web Server Data and Page Tag Solutions
    A review of the features and constraints to consider when purchasing site measurement tools.

    Chapter 14: To Own or Rent Site Measurement?
    A review of the issues to consider when hosting site measurement or using an Application Server Provider.

    Chapter 15: How to Select a Site Measurement Vendor
    How to ask the right questions and get the answers you need to make the right choice.

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