Web Analytics Planning and Process

You’re responsible for building and managing a web analytics program.

Web Analytics Vendor Selection

You’re responsible for selecting a web analytics vendor.

Internet Strategy

You’re responsible for analyzing and presenting the results of web analytic data to develop web strategy and tactics.

Web Metrics Development

You’re responsible for developing web metrics for guiding web channel strategy and tactics.

Web Analytics Audit and Tune Up

You’re managing a web analytics program that needs to maximize its return on investment.

Web Analytics Sanity Check

Need to talk confidentially about organizational web analytic challenges and issues to determine a resolution. A telephone/email consultation can be arranged on an ad hoc basis.


I like to keep things simple. I’ve been on your side of the fence. No one has time for multiple days of meetings, much less the patience to sit through them. And you want deliverables that you can use and put to work relatively quickly. To that end, engagements will generally follow the same 3 step approach:
  1. Requirements Gathering and Analysis…so stakeholders can state what they want to get out of the engagement deliverables, and I have a clear understanding of the specific issues, risks and dependencies that need to be addressed.
  2. Research and Analysis…an effort that delves into the core aspects of the engagement, such as your organizational processes, vendor selection, web metrics development, Internet strategy and tactics, analytics reports, your analytics tools, and so forth.
  3. Deliverable Preparation and Presentation…based on the agreed upon scope of work, outcomes of the engagement may be in the form of documentation, reports, technical specifications, presentations, training sessions, templates, and work books.

Let’s chat so I can understand your requirements. Send me an email so we can set up a good time to talk.

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