Internet Strategy

You’re responsible for analyzing and presenting the results of web analytic data to develop web strategy and tactics.
  • Do you, your team and your stakeholders know how to analyze the data coming out of your web analytics solution?
  • Does it answer key questions about improving site navigation, content, visitor acquisition and customer satisfaction?
  • Do your analytics results tell you only “what” happened, but not “why” a trend or spike or trough happened?
  • Is there a disconnect between your web analytics data and the research guiding web site redesign, branding, content, application development and promotion strategies?
  • Do key decision makers and stakeholders maximize their use of web analytics data?
I’ll help you understand not only what you reports mean, but how to use them to make site and campaign changes that result in more engaged visitors, targeted promotional campaigns, focused site content and applications, and better site navigation. We can also look at how to prepare for a complete site redesign based on web analytic data, and how you can save thousands of dollars by understanding your site before you start rebuilding. We’ll determine how you can use surveys, focus groups, interviews and usability studies to complement web analytic data results. We’ll make sure you have a strategy for presenting critical data to decision makers.

In my 10 years of web analytics experience, I have successfully provided web analytics based recommendations to guide site redesign, content restructure and campaign strategy. I have developed report presentation and distribution strategies to ensure that stakeholders and decision makers in large organizations take notice and act on web analytics data.

Let’s chat so I can understand your requirements. Send me an email so we can set up a good time to talk.

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