Vendor Selection

You’re responsible for selecting a web analytics vendor.
  • How do you develop an RFI and RFP for web analytic vendors?
  • What questions do you ask during the demos?
  • How do you know which solutions are better for commerce, content and intranets?
  • Which tools integrate best with your marketing partners?
  • Should you purchase a hosted solution or host it yourself?
We’ll work together to develop a selection process that gets you the answers you need. Will it be a formal RFP? Perhaps, but after reviewing your requirements, we may be able to quickly winnow down the prospects. One thing I can promise you: we will not end up with a document that allows vendors to simply check boxes about what they can do, but actually tells you very little.

I am the Principal Analyst for the CMS Watch Web Analytics Report. I cover the web analytic vendor market full time. I have spoken to product managers, tried many of the products and spoken to many customers. Based on an understanding of your requirements, constraints and objective, I can provide guidance to and insight to vendor selection that few can offer.

Let’s chat so I can understand your requirements. Send me an email so we can set up a good time to talk.

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