Web Metrics Development

You’re responsible for developing web metrics for guiding web channel strategy and tactics.
  • Do you and your stakeholders know the difference between web reports and metrics?
  • Do you know how to map business goals to web site function analysis?
  • Do you know what offline data is required to enhance your web site data?
  • What filters, reports, and modules in your web analytics solution will produce the metrics?
We’ll work together to understand your site, starting at the top and drilling down. First understanding high level goals and then pinpointing the functions and actions visitors need to on the site take to fulfill those goals. We’ll use the results of this analysis to form the web data “building blocks” needed to create targeted and informative decision support metrics. We’ll determine the process to ensure production of the metrics your organization requires.

I’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies and organizations in a range of industries and I know that one of the biggest challenges is in mapping offline goals to online channels, enabling production of the high value metrics and setting up an organizational process to produce the metrics. I will apply my knowledge of web strategy, organizational process and web analytic tool capabilities to build metrics that analyze progress in meeting goals, so that you can take action.

Let’s chat so I can understand your requirements. Send me an email so we can set up a good time to talk.

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